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Unusual duty sphere designers: Timeless Anna Sheffield

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Anna Sheffield is one of the most timeless and weird job ring designers. Lets take a look at four of her unique, harmonious and bespoke ring designs

Unusual engagement ring designers: Timeless Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield is one of the most timeless and strange job ball designers Her treasure is an alternative to traditional jewellery It is made with conflict-free diamonds and precious, rare, and antique gemstones This makes her rings truly bespoke. Anna Sheffield is a New York designer with a fine art background Lets take a look at four of her unique and elegant round designs.

Moonstone Bea

The Moonstone Bea circle is a clear exemplar of why Anna Sheffield is considered to be one of the most timeless and strange chore ring designers It features an emerald dent moonstone set in a ceremonial signature basket on a 14 karat yellow gold band. On each bunch of the gemstone, there is an inverted coagulate white trillion diamond of 0.14 carats which gives the globe a authentic recognize of grandeur

The moonstone is an aged gemstone and was esteemed in the art nouveau moving The Moonstone Bea is an elegant and creative, yet classic, ring. It is the cheapest of these four rings and costs $2,500

Labradorite Bea

Anna Sheffields Labradorite Bea is similar to her Moonstone Bea but contains a nucleus labradorite gemstone instead of moonstone It is crystallize on a 14 karat yellow gold band, and on either crew of the labradorite, there is an inverted congeal white trillion diamond of 0.14 carats Labradorite is an igneous rock and commonly has a dark miserable sheen Being one of the most eccentric task round designers, Anna Sheffield has used a lighter greener and greyer version of labradorite to create an absolutely person ball The Labradorite Bea job orb costs $3,500

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Oval Bea

Anna Sheffield describes the Oval Bea mission circle as joyful. It is a stunning orb with an almost glorious guise It is one of her supplementary expensive job rings at a emolument of $5,00000 The Oval Bea three stone round features an inverted oval rose notch white diamond gist with trillion shaped white diamonds on each bunch on a 14 karat rose gold band.


Further evidence of the reasons why Anna Sheffield is one of the most timeless and unusual task round designers is the Hazeline round It is a beautifully bespoke cornerstone of Anna Sheffields brilliant stockpile The orb is based on one of her grandmothers rings and therefore appears classic and timeless. It is often described as classic in manner with a easily silhouette. It is shown on the Anna Sheffield website with a 10 carat accomplished champagne coloured diamond pith with minor white diamond accents in a 14 karat slender yellow gold shank The Hazeline circle is the most expensive of these four rings and costs $9,500.

It is because her collections are crafted from the most exquisite materials and with the utmost urgency to actuality that Anna Sheffield has become one of the most timeless and eccentric assignment round designers

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