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Titanium Ring Stops a Bullet

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Titanium Ring Stops a Bullet

Titanium rings hold been incipient in captivation for a numeral of reasons, from its hypoallergenic qualities, lightweight, lustrous appearance, affordability and durability, but stopping a bullet is a new .

Titanium Ring Stops a Bullet

Titanium Ring Stops a Bullet

Titanium rings retain been incipient in allure for a digit of reasons, from its hypoallergenic qualities, lightweight, brilliant appearance, affordability and durability, but stopping a bullet is a new one I logical proverb a massage free about a titanium ball that stopped a bullet and saved a man’s finger from manageable amputation. At peak I thought, there’s no practice this could be real, but then I construe the emancipate and visited the site where the sphere was purchased and listened to a podcast interview of the man’s data in his keep speech

It is a pretty atypical report and worth listening to with your retain ears But, given the tenacity of titanium, it is really not much of a dumbfound Titanium rings are truly some of the most atypical among contemporary jewelry They are completely durable, yet keenly lightweight. You can find hundreds of designs and styles of titanium rings in either the titanium color or the captivating minatory titanium In addition, Titanium has enthusiasm been recognized as a practically unbreakable metal

The story of the man’s titanium globe stopping a bullet is worth noting. While conducting continuation on his 40 caliber handgun, the gun misfired, releasing a bullet from the entry and causing it to scrape his worker He was wearing the titanium orb he had purchased from Titanium-Jewelrycom at the time of the accident The bullet blessing hit his titanium ring, deflecting it and preventing injury to his globe finger He did hold to attain his pinky finger amputated as the bullet grazed his pinky in the process, ring size chart, but the titanium sphere took the brunt of the shot and saved his circle finger from amputation

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Many men choose titanium and even tungsten rings for the durability and tightness that they obtain to forceful wear and tear, heavy lifting and other fatiguing or otherwise injurious activities that make gold and even platinum rings pointless The person in the podcast vocal he selected a titanium orb because he’s working with substantial metals all day and requisite body that could framework the abuse Many family couples ask about titanium matrimonial rings, minatory titanium rings, traditional titanium rings for men and women and men’s nuptial bands made of titanium or tungsten

I retain been a stone of titanium and tungsten rings for totally some occasion and keep even replaced my husband’s gang with a new tungsten globe for our 5th anniversary. Tungsten rings are newer to the jewelry landscape but are gaining as much of a succeeding as titanium rings Tungsten rings and tungsten jewelry represent some of the fastest incipient trend in jewelry due to the unique and intriguing appearance as well as amazing durability and low payment Tungsten carbide rings propose mens connubial bands a illuminated shine, that remains forever with no want for continuous polishing or maintenance.

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