The Dress Is Back

It’s time to reclaim our femininity in the office. Without a doubt, nobody looks and feels better than when wearing a dress; striding into a conference room, effortlessly, flowing with confidence. A true power dress exudes sensuality and strength. Every emploi original is stylish, comfortable, absolutely affordable, and, made in the USA.

Style & Fit We believe in great style; in letting a woman look and feel sexy and confident, in clothing that fits her wherever she is. Our line consists of cleanly cut, comfortable and sophisticated dresses that instantly transform from office wear to a playful uniform for post work revelry. emploi is all about the fit, the fabrics, and making every woman feel both office appropriate and simultaneously chic.

Comfort All our dresses are wrinkle-free, comfortable and made from best sourced materials that look and feel like a million bucks.

Affordability $300 dresses are so last century. Who needs/can spend a fortune on their wardrobe? Every single emploi dress is affordable. Save your hard earned capital for your 401K, travel ...and shoes! When you shop emploi, you shop guilt free.