Made in New York

Since we launched in 2012, we've been proudly running all aspects of development and production out of NYC.

Keeping New York Standards. With unfettered access to the fashion district, where our fabric is cut and subsequently sewn, we can closely monitor each and every garment. This ensures that every piece that bears the emploi name is up to our rigorous standards.

Being Sweat Shop Free. Next, by keeping things close to home, we can confidently say we are sweat shop free. Not only that, but we love the fact that we are helping to contribute to the local economy, providing jobs for pattern makers, seamstresses, graphic designers, copywriters, models, delivery workers, zipper salespeople...the list goes on and on!

Feeling Connected. Finally, by running the show out of New York, we feel especially connected to the metropolitan essence that has always been a motivation for emploi. The electric energy of this city keeps us on our toes and never stops fueling our creative core.

We love New York. We hope you do too.