Resume: "With decades of experiences in the health care field from health care plan provider to medical groups/hospital systems I was able to develop a robust real time data analytics methodology to assist leadership in data based decision making. This lead to co-founding a software company over 10 years ago, build it from the ground up and sold it. At the same time I opened up a contemporary boutique."

Path To The Top: "I’ve been incredibly lucky with my career. I have so many mentors helping me throughout my career path. That came with a high price - I worked my butt off clocking in at least 12 hours a day early on in my career. I always gone the extra mile to get certain things done while at the the same time maintained my self integrity and self-respect. I was known as the “miracle worker” who would get things done fast and better than expected. Because of my work ethics I earned respect and recognition from my peers and my bosses. That led to a lot of career advancement opportunities."

Defining Moment: "Climbing the corporate ladder and breaking the glass ceiling in the high tech industry was not an easy task . So when I was asked to form a company that would change the industry I didn’t ask which seat to sit but jumped right on. Once the company was sold I knew I could do anything in the world if I set my mind to it."

Statement Piece: "I think it’s important to dress with confidence because it’s about feeling good with what you’re wearing, looking poised and feeling self-assured in all situations. That’s a key to success not just professionally but personally. As cliche as it sounds, I firmly believe “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” That’s why it’s crucial to have a few statement pieces in your career wardrobe. One of these statement pieces that I’m in love with right now is a Houndstooth Maiden dress by emploi New York. This dress is timeless and classic yet it exudes an air of confidence without trying too hard. I can easily transform this dress from day to night simply by changing up the pumps and adding some statement accessories."

All images are courtesy of Janice Burrafato and Mama in Heels (c).