RESUME: A communications and PR strategist focused on crisis management. Love the thrill and pace of the crisis business but I am also passionate about working with consumer start-up ventures on the verge of greatness. When I'm not tending to my 2 year old and 6 month old boys, Cash and Roscoe, you can find me at FlyWheel, Physique 57, or Jivamukti yoga, followed by brunch (at Morandi, Spring Natural, or Cafe Luxemburg!) with my fabulous girlfriends. I love spending my holidays in Telluride, CO and go every summer and winter for mountain sports and adventure.

PATH TO THE TOP: I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. While it was a great place to grow up, and while many of my lifelong friends and family still live there, I always knew I'd leave. From an early age, I was filled with wanderlust, a desire for great adventures, a passion for learning about the world, and a feeling that if I wasn't "in the thick of it," I wasn't really living. My career path has been all about finding roles where I can live out these passions. I never knew exactly what I wanted to do with my career, but I always knew with certainty how I wanted my work to make me feel. Every job I've had has fed my zeal for adventure, travel, and people. Following stints working for the US government, ABC News, Booz Allen Hamilton, and a boutique strategic intelligence firm, I've landed in the high intensity, non-stop world of crisis communications where everyday brings new challenge and opportunity. I believe that I have excelled in this industry because I love the work and the pace, because I stay cool under pressure, and because I enjoy the relationship management aspect of the job. Last, besides following my passions, I have one mantra I live by: Just "work hard and be nice to people" and success will follow.

DEFINING MOMENT: In 2001, I traveled to northern India for a 6-week mountaineering expedition led by the National Outdoor Leadership School. I had been fascinated by everything Indian since college when I took an introduction to Hinduism class. I also had a sense that I needed to prove to myself I was capable of roughing it, in a major way. So off I went to climb the Pindari Glacier. I honestly didn't think about what exactly this would entail until I strapped on a 40-pound backpack and started walking into the Himalayas. At which point I realized two things: "climbing a glacier" meant I'd be going uphill and, glacier = cold = snow = I'm going to be sleeping in a tent on snow. For weeks." This was a life changing and life defining experience. I pressed my physical and emotional limits to the edge, and experienced strength I never knew I had. Following the glacier climb, I decided to stay in India indefinitely, choosing to travel with a friend I met on the trip instead of returning to Washington, DC to look for a job. In the throes of making this decision, my now lifelong friend asked me "why do you need to go back to DC? Can't you look for a job in three months instead of now? What do you have to lose?" I am so grateful to her for those questions. I realized I had nothing to lose except the opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and that not everything should happen according to a master plan. I learned to let serendipity in and that much can be lost when I became too wedded to a specific vision of how things were "supposed to go" in my life. It was a moment when I really understood that there are so many things more important in life than work and achievement. Juxtaposed against the backdrop of India, I learned more about humanity and myself than I ever thought possible.

STATEMENT PIECE: I absolutely love a perfect work dress accompanied by unexpected accessories. By perfect I mean: a dress that makes me feel good without having to wear Spanx or suck in my tummy, a dress that is sophisticated and timeless without being stuffy or too conservative, and a dress with a little pizzazz in the details, like an unexpected lining that peeks out when I roll up my sleeves, or an unusual color combination and contrast. It's also a bonus when I find a dress with which I can wear interesting hosiery. I love doing a full monochromatic look -- tights and all. And of course, I love emploi dresses!

All images are by Constantine Gorelick photography (c).