Brilliant, gorgeous, fascinating… Just a few select words to describe one of the most inspirational women in the Mergers & Acquisitions world of New York City. Meet our emploi of the month: the lovely Caryn Groce!

Résumé: An overachiever with a Harvard law degree, and nearly a decade of experience with top law firms in New York and London, Caryn heads the M&A legal department of Viacom Inc. as Vice President, Senior Counsel Corporate Transactions and Securities.

Path to the Top: “As a child I was encouraged to follow my dreams; I was told I could be anything I wanted to be and that it was never too late to try something new. Being given that freedom of thought at such a young age allowed me to focus on things I found interesting, as opposed to things other people thought I should be interested in. It led me down a winding path to law school and then, with twists and turns, to my practice as an in-house M&A lawyer.”

Defining Moment: “Early on in my career I had the opportunity to work with one of brightest, hardest working lawyers I have ever known. He taught me many of the basics that created the building blocks of my career in corporate law. The greatest lesson I learned from him, however, had nothing to do with the law. What he taught me was how important it is to treat your colleagues well: to make sure to celebrate the accomplishments of those around you, and to publicly recognize people who have done a great job or have helped you do a great job.”

Statement Piece: “Staying polished and professional but contemporary and fun is tantamount in the world of business-entertainment. Every woman needs a solid foundation, a little black dress. Luckily, my “Lexington” in black provides the basis for some seriously creative mixing and matching. emploi New York helps budget-minded businesswomen look their best with high quality garments at generous prices.”

All images by Ksenia Tavrina Photography (c)