Resume: "I am currently pursuing opportunities as a brand or management consultant. I recently graduated, in June, from The University of Washington School of Law, where I earned my J.D. and LL.M. in Intellectual Property. I seek the opportunity to combine my experience in intellectual property law with my background in advertising, when creating distinctive client solutions."

Path to the Top: "Although in sight, my path to the top is not tangible. With each academic and career opportunity I have accomplished, I continuously strive to improve. In a city that never sleeps, I cannot afford to get comfortable."

Defining Moment: "Working at a brand consultancy in Sydney, Australia. My experience working abroad was one of my most defining moments because, while in Sydney, I came to appreciate the opportunities that exist outside of my familiar territories. While abroad, I made the decision to take the LSAT exam. Three years later, I am a proud alumna of The University of Washington School of Law. When considering new opportunities, I keep this defining moment in mind."

Statement Piece: "I consciously represent my personal brand in my clothing ensembles. I began pairing my business professional attire with a leather bow that I wear in my hair. I love emploi's Alder dress - it is elegant, classy, office appropriate, and would pair especially well with a wine colored leather bow."

All images by Constantine Gorelick Photography (c)