RESUME: Having worked on several continents, in fields as wide ranging as non-profit animal rescue to M&A corporate law to entrepreneurship (this one before she could even legally drink), Stacey has quite the eclectic array of skills and interests. Currently, Stacey has devoted a large portion of her time to rescuing pugs through Curly Tail Pug Rescue, and mentoring a high school junior from a low income community through iMentor. In her (limited) spare time, she lets her passions for interior design, photography, travel and high performance car racing flourish!

PATH TO THE TOP: "I realized at an early age that if I set my mind to something, I could achieve it. I started working at age 14 in order to buy my own car, and 1 month shy of my 16th birthday, I bought my first car, in cash. That first achievement helped shape how I approached life going forward; I would set a goal for myself, and I knew with a lot of hard work, I could attain whatever I could envision. This ineffable work ethic is responsible for why I feel like I've lived the life that I've always wanted: running a business at 21, traveling cross country, going to law school, spending months in South Africa working at an animal sanctuary, and living in NYC. I am a big believer that life is truly what you make of it."

DEFINING MOMENT: "Moving to NYC. I had been all over the country by my mid-twenties, and I knew there was going to be no other place for me than New York. Living in this amazing city has helped me fulfill all my dreams. I've met the most amazing people from every part of the world, fallen in love, made friends who will be my lifelong family, and pursued interests long thought out of reach because I grew up in a small town."

STATEMENT PIECE: "I believe you should always dress appropriately for your job. As a lawyer who has a creative side, I like to wear classic pieces, but then add some interesting jewelry or accessories. The Lexington dress is the perfect classic piece in my wardrobe. By day, I can wear it with pearls and a classic watch, and for evening drinks, I wear some edgy bangles, big earrings, and sexier shoes. And it's comfortable, so I'm not begging to get out of my dress by 5pm - I can wear it for 18 hours and it looks and feels as good as it did at 9am."

All images by Ksenia Tavrina (c).