Alison Gary is a digital communications guru by day and fashion maven after five. Editor of Wardrobe Oxygen, full-time manager in Corporate America, wife and mother to a five year old, Alison proves that women can have it all.

RESUME: "For the past decade I’ve been working in web communications, primarily in for the government and in the health care sector. While I studied English Literature and Women’s Studies in college, I found I really enjoyed and understood computer applications. I taught myself basic HTML and became proficient in Microsoft Office and various Adobe products and transitioned into Corporate America, working my way up the ladder. I now manage webcasts, social media, Learning Management Systems, and various other digital communication projects for major corporations and government agencies. Also, for almost a decade I’ve been the owner and editor of Wardrobe Oxygen, a real-world fashion advice and personal style blog. I started college wanting to be a magazine editor and though I went in a completely different direction, Wardrobe Oxygen gives me the opportunity to live that dream on my own terms, and while still having a foot in Corporate America. Through Wardrobe Oxygen I’ve received amazing opportunities to write for well-known publications, perform as stylist for popular brands, and attend exciting fashion events."

PATH TO THE TOP: "When my husband and I found out I was pregnant we felt strongly that one of us should stay home to raise our child. To be able to support my family with my career and Wardrobe Oxygen so my husband could leave his job and raise our daughter the way we wished is a point of pride. It also forced me to take the blog more seriously and finally treat it like a business. I found that starting a family made me a better blogger because I had to schedule time to work on it, create an editorial calendar of advance content, and be choosier with the brands I partnered with and the content I created. Today, Wardrobe Oxygen is a profitable and successful business and also more enjoyable. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!"

DEFINING MOMENT: "Soon after my daughter was born, I was invited to private preview of a popular brand that was opening a location in my area. I was asked to live Tweet the experience and I still had a little pink flip phone. I realized if I wanted to grow Wardrobe Oxygen I had to stay current with technology; that same day I went and upgraded to a SmartPhone and opened a Twitter account. Not only did embracing social media benefit my blog, it helped me nab the current position I have at my company. I now teach my colleagues how to use social media personally and for their projects and clients."

STATEMENT PIECE: "As I approach 40, I’m focusing more on quality instead of quantity in my wardrobe. I’ve toned down my color palette, focusing on a wardrobe of black, white, gray, navy, and a few pops of color. Prints help add personality to my closet, and I love how emploi has great print dresses that look great for the office but easily transition for blog events after work. The Dupont Dress has become a favorite because it’s easy to throw on but look polished; the fabric is great for a long day transitioning from the office to an event or business travel because it doesn’t wrinkle and a quick change of accessories completely transforms its look."

All images are courtesy of Alison Gary and Wardrobe Oxygen.